Teresa Patterson

Teresa Patterson is best known for The World of the Wheel of Time with Robert Jordan, and The World of Shannara with Terry Brooks. She worked with Robert Asprin on No Quarter, as well as former Navy SEAL Greg McPartlin on Combat Corpsman. She has written numerous fantasy stories including a story in Here Be Dragons, Tales of Dragon*Con. Her non-fiction work includes humorous historical essays in books such as It Looked Good On Paper, and You Said What? Lies and Propaganda Throughout History. She also works as an editor and runs a writers workshop. A former President of the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, she was awarded the Chesley Award for service, twice. When not writing she works as a balloon sculptor, kayak instructor, and show horse trainer. Before becoming a writer she organized SF conventions, earned a Master rating in costuming, worked as a movie extra in films and ran a jousting and horseback combat show. She manages the Armory at Dragoncon.