Larry Atchley, Jr.

Larry Atchley Jr. grew up in Grapevine, Texas, writing stories and poetry since he was a teenager. His first big break as a writer came when authors Janet Morris and Chris Morris invited him to collaborate with them on a shared-world anthology for the Heroes in Hell series and asked him to submit a story for the book. They accepted “Remember, Remember, Hell in November” his first published story, which appeared in Lawyers in Hell in June 2011. He continues to write for the Heroes in Hell series with published stories “Ragnarok & Roll” in Rogues in Hell, “Knocking on Heaven’s Gates” in Dreamers in Hell, and “Poetic Injustice” in Poets in Hell. Other stories published in anthologies: “Time for a Change” in Sha’Daa: Pawns, “Shadow of a Doubt” in the horror anthology, What Scares the Boogeyman, and “A Light in the Black” in the Victorian era historical horror anthology Terror by Gaslight. His poetry credits include “The Stoic’s Mask” in the art/poetry/story collection Klarissa’s Dreams. Forthcoming works include a poem, “The Shadow People” which will appear in the poetry collection A Book of Night, and the story “Harmonic Dissonance” to appear in the Sha’Daa Facets anthology, which is to be published in 2015. He is currently writing short stories for various anthologies and working on a couple of fantasy novels. In 2012 Larry was inducted into the authors’ group The Fictioneers. In 2014 Larry was made a member of the Seadog Slam group which recites piratical and steampunk poetry and performs songs at various events around North Texas. He is also a co-host of internet radio shows Dangerous Minds and Pairanormal, at
You can read his blog, The Short Pale Writer in the Long Black Coat at Larry appears as a guest author at various science fiction & fantasy, fan conventions and events throughout the year. Some of his other interests include Qi-Gong Kung Fu martial arts, public speaking, Steampunk and Dieselpunk culture, traditional archery, sword fencing, philosophy, mythology, paranormal investigation, photography, role playing games, bicycling, hiking, sharing pithy quotes, and reading and collecting books on all manner of subjects. He currently lives in the suburbs of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, in Texas.