Carole Nelson Douglas

With Cat in an Alphabet Endgame out last fall, Carole Nelson Douglas finished a quarter century of writing about crime, murder, social issues, and pop culture as the Las Vegas noir cat PI, Midnight Louie, ended his 28-book alphabetical series. Will Carole return to her New York Times Notable Sherlockian ground-breaker, the first woman-protagonist Sherlock Holmes spinoff series featuring Irene Adler, diva-detective and the only woman to outwit Holmes? Will Carole re-release her national bestselling Irissa/Kendric high fantasies? Or will she return to Las Vegas Weird with Midnight Louie partnering her noir urban fantasy heroine, Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator? When not puzzling over multi-protagonist syndrome, Carole designs book covers and rescues cats in Fort Worth.

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