C. Dean Andersson

C. Dean Andersson’s “author’s-cut” of his Hel Trilogy, featuring warrior women-werebeasts and other heroic horrors, is bundled into HEL X 3, an eBook available now from Baen Books and Event Horizon. His horror work includes the controversial SplatterPunk classics RAW PAIN MAX and TORTURE TOMB. Award-winning filmmaker Amy Hesketh paid homage to Dean’s Vampire work by filming a copy of his novel, I AM DRACULA, lying on the Vampire’s dressing table in her film, OLALLA. In progress, Dean continues his I AM DRACULA series in I AM THE WITCH, and his Viking Heroic Fantasy Hel Series in VALKYRIES OF HEL.

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C. Dean Andersson writes horror and fantasy with an edge. Author Graham Masterton describes Dean’s writing as, “fearsome and up-front.” Writer John Steakley once claimed Dean’s books were “like Stephen King, only scary.” Publisher’s Weekly deemed his Sword and Sorcery work to be “The Heavy Metal of Fantasy Adventure.” His epic Vampire novel, I Am Dracula, was featured in award-winning director Amy Hesketh’s innovative Vampire film, Olalla, and received a Count Dracula Fan Club recommendation. The SF magazine Locus praised the novel Fiend from Dean’s Texas Horror Trilogy. The Cemetery Dance short story, “The Death Wagon Rolls on By,” earned a Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Finalist award. Dean is always creating new horror and fantasy fiction.

His books are available from Crossroad Press in new digital editions and from Amazon and all the standard sources in all formats.

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