The App is Here!

If you don’t want to carry around all that old-fashioned paper, or if you just want to be able to get schedule changes and updates on your smartphone as soon as we have them, then you should check out the…
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Last chance for $30 membership

ConDFW’s membership price rises to $40 on December 1st–that’s tomorrow! Through midnight Monday, use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY to get $5 off the current 3-day adult membership to ConDFW–that’s $30 for a 3-day membership. Head over to our membership and…
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New! The Gallery!

The interesting layout of our current hotel has provided some interesting opportunities for us. This year, we are turning our art show into an Artist Alley/Print Shop/Costuming Panel space. Since that is a mouthful, we’re simply calling it “The Gallery.”…
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