Contact Us

Mailing Address:
750 South Main, Suite #150
PMB #14
Keller, TX 76248

Please send all snail-mail correspondence including registration, stuff for the freebie table, and anything else you’d like us to have to the above address.

Send an email

To send us email, send it to info (at) – or you can use this form:

We’ll forward your email to the member of staff it applies to.¬† Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers fitting convention work in around our day jobs and other responsibilities, and give us a couple of days to reply before following up. Thanks!

If you can’t contact us any other way, sticking a stamp on a letter and snail-mailing to the address at the top will (barring vagaries of the Post Office) reach us, albeit in a terribly unfashionable way.

FAQ: I have stuff to send you guys for the freebie tables/membership packets — what do I do?

A: Great! We will gladly place items you send to the address above on the freebie table or in the membership packet at your request. Please remember when sending things to keep it open to all audiences — we do have a few kids here. Also, we will not put out anything that promotes any illegal activity. For quantity considerations in membership packets, please send a minimum of 300 items. (Please make sure your items arrive no later than 7 days before the start of the convention. Also, if there are extra items left over at the end of the convention, we are unable to send them back. You’re welcome to pick them up at the end of the convention, but we do not have the staff to collect/sort leftovers and send them back to you.)

New: While our attendance is usually somewhere between 500 and 800 folks, please send only ONE box/package of free stuff, weighing less than 20 pounds. Our director likes to work out, but prefers to do it at the gym! Thanks!