Paging A. Lee Martinez! Also: one more year has passed…

A. Lee Martinez: you left your bag at the convention; it is at the hotel’s front desk.

Other than that: the convention is now over for another year, alas! We had a great time and hope you did too! A huge thank you to our Guests of Honor, Kevin J. Anderson and Alain Viesca. And another one to all our wonderful panelists, who give their time and expertise to us. An enormous thank you to all of our volunteers, without whose efforts running this con would be next to impossible. And one last THANK YOU to all our attendees. WE couldn’t do it without you!

We have a programming survey online: please do stop by and spend a few minutes giving us your thoughts on programming so we can continue to work at bringing it to you.

Important last-minute notes about the hotel…

1) The hotel is averse to the word “PARTY”; therefore, you are having a shindig, gathering, hootenanny, meetup, fete, diversion, soiree, amusement, affair…

2) The hotel is averse to putting up of any posters or fliers or anything on any surface whatsoever. Therefore, we will construct two Babel Towers. Please look for the two big columns of red boxes!

3) The hotel is averse to having any gatherings on any floors other than 2. So, if you are on another floor, first: ask to be moved. If they cannot move you, please keep the noise down; ConDFW cannot stop Hotel Security from shutting you down.

Programming survey!

If you have a few minutes that you are willing to spend filling out our survey about programming, we’d appreciate it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time attendee or just looking forward to your first ConDFW: we want to hear from all of you! Thanks!

Click here to go to the survey.


Note about Flyers

A note about flyers at the convention: the hotel is newly renovated and has asked us not to tape flyers to the walls or doors this year. ConDFW is bringing several cardboard flyer kiosks, and you will be welcome to affix your flyers to those.

Programming schedules up!

Now you can plan your time at ConDFW! Head to the programming page to download the schedules. NOTE: These are as accurate as we can get a week before the con; there will always be changes and tweaks here and there. Please be sure to double-check when you’re at the con.

(There will also be a Guidebook app for smartphones this year, as there was last year, which will go live shortly before the convention. Keep an eye on this space for that announcement!)

Will you be our Valentines?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!* A huge THANK YOU to all who work hard to ensure the convention runs smoothly: our staff, our lovely volunteers, all of our many panelists and guests of honor. And an especially big THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to all of our attendees, Twitter followers, Facebook likers, and other fans. Can’t wait to see you next week!

* If your opinion is that this is a crass, commercial, meaningless affair then we wish you a Happy National Cheap Candy Day Eve.


Bring Those Used Books!

The time is now to update and swap out some of the older tomes in your library, and what better way to do it than for charity!

Bring 2 paperbacks or hardbacks and swap for 1 of the same type.
Bring 4 paperbacks to swap for one hardcover.
If you’ve run out of spare books to swap, you can donate $2 per paperback or $5 per hardback.

The bookswap raises money for local educational projects on We generally prefer to help schools and teachers that are in need of books, so when you buy or swap books at the bookswap, you help kids gain access to them!

The selection of available books depends upon what other attendees bring to trade, and we strongly encourage you to bring only in-genre books that other people might want to read. We also request you don’t bring books you know won’t trade or sell (back issues of Dr. Dobbs’ Magazine from the 1980s, volumes 4,6, and 12 of the 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica, etc.) as that defeats the purpose of collecting for charity.

Thank you!

Celestial Starburst Costume Contest

You’re a Star! You know it and so do we. Let us help you show the rest of the universe! Enter the Celestial Starburst Costume contest.

Original, recreation, or cosplay. Fairies, monsters, superheroes, death knights, anime, or cartoon, everyone is welcome! A great chance to show off your wonderful costume work.

Prizes for the top three—that’s 3!—winners! The Grand Prize winner will be crowned Celestial Starburst.

Enter at ConDFW: just pick up an entry form at the Registration desk, fill it out, turn it in, then show up at the contest ready to go! We can’t wait to see your costume!

Come on! Show us how you shine!

Retweet to win a 3-day membership to ConDFW!

Yup, it’s this year’s Twitter contest! Retweet the tweet made from this update, and on Friday we’ll pick one person at random from those who retweeted it to award a 3-day membership to! Already pre-registered this year? Or are you a panelist? We’ll transfer your winning membership to the person of your choice, or hold it for next year’s convention!

Now get tweeting! Here’s a few more exclamation points, in case I didn’t use enough: !!!!!

Reminder: Open Filking

This update is just to remind you that we’ll have space for filking in teh evening at the convention. Bring your instruments, bring your songbooks, bring your wonderful singing selves and filk the night away!